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<aside> <img src="/icons/heart-rate_gray.svg" alt="/icons/heart-rate_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Coaching tech founders and consulting with industry-leading organizations in the blockchain space since 2017


I work with startup founders, engineering managers, and individual contributors on their professional challenges. I look at motivation, discipline, and mental blocks through understanding emotional and behavioral patterns to enable career progression and give rise to new performance levels.

“Monica played an instrumental role in my professional growth and success, forming a foundational pillar of support through my time as an individual contributor and later transition into technical management.She became an indispensable companion with whom I could trust, challenge, be challenged, and reflect upon from another perspective.

Most importantly in my constantly evolving role at a fast-moving start-up, she strove to continually re-understand my personal situation to stay effective in widening my awareness and bringing clarity to new situations.”

Brett Sun, Investor @ Cherry VC, ex-CTO @ Aragon One

“Before coaching, I was unproductive and feeling stuck, and after coaching I was able to pinpoint what was holding me back and unlock it. Coaching is a mental health tool, like any other, with a purpose and objectives that have to serve you as an individual, in both your personal and professional lives.

Monica helped me unlock my full potential and effectiveness by serving as a medium of the coaching process and guiding me through the steps necessary to complete my coaching with satisfying results.”

Luis Ramon C. de Leon, Co-founder & CTO @ Pocket Network

“Coaching helps you build a complete picture of your personal and professional life. It's like a personal audit where you discover the real causes of the problems and potential solutions. Coaching is probably the action with most mid-term ROI for the organizations and yourself being an executive.

With Monica, I discovered lots of hidden patterns that kept me from my optimal professional balance. When we solved them, I felt liberated from a personal point of view, and the career growth I've experienced has been spectacular.”

Daniel Seijo, Founder & Investor

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