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Founder of, a performance coaching & management consulting firm.

👀 Career

My journey has been a squiggly line. I started out with social entrepreneurship when I was sixteen and moved to Madrid and Palo Alto where I worked in marketing at Branch. In my early twenties, I joined Demium to launch their incubation program in Barcelona. Through that experience, I discovered my passion for coaching entrepreneurs and managing organizations. I then founded, moved to Switzerland, and finally joined Aragon One as their Head of People & Operations.

I've also moderated panels, spoken in events and podcasts, and given graduate guest classes about entrepreneurship and remote team management.

🎧 Hiring, onboarding, coaching, and offsites in a remote team

🎧 The Human side of Aragon One

✨ Side gigs

Art —in the forms of painting, writing poetry, and cooking, keeps me busy when I'm not jiggling with technology.

I'm currently experimenting with medium format (2.5 x 1.5m) action painting, inspired by Jackson Pollock. The creation process is a social event and the outcome is unpredictable. Each piece is unique and has its own story, written by many authors. I love how it mixes action, art and people.

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🚀 Hobbies


Indoor rock-climbing






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