A creative soul and a pragmatic leader.

Sometimes coaching those who lead projects.

Sometimes building my own projects.

👀 When I’m busy

In 2017, I joined Aragon One and helped build and manage the world-class team that brought forth the Aragon project. I’ve also coached Web3 leaders for the past five years and contributed to industry-leading companies like Status and OpenZeppelin. In 2022, I co-founded Firm with Jorge, Aragon’s co-founder and long-time friend, to continue the mission of bringing organizations on-chain.

✨ When I’m less busy

Art —in the forms of painting, writing poetry, and cooking keeps me busy when I'm not jiggling with technology.

I'm currently experimenting with medium format (2.5 x 1.5m) action painting inspired by Jackson Pollock. The creation process is a social event and the outcome is unpredictable. Each piece is unique and has its own story, written by many authors. Mixing action, art, and people.

🚀 Other things that keep me busy

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