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My mission is to empower individuals within the technology industry to enhance their leadership skills and overcome their professional and organizational challenges. I achieve this through candid one-on-one conversations and a commitment to fostering growth.

I delve into the realms of motivation, discipline, and mental barriers, employing a deep understanding of human patterns to facilitate personal growth and unlock new levels of success.

While not exhaustive, people seek my guidance for various reasons, including:

Together, we'll explore these personal and professional development facets to propel you toward your desired outcomes.


“Monica played an instrumental role in my professional growth and success, forming a foundational pillar of support through my time as an individual contributor and later transition into technical management.She became an indispensable companion with whom I could trust, challenge, be challenged, and reflect upon from another perspective.

Most importantly in my constantly evolving role at a fast-moving start-up, she strove to continually re-understand my personal situation to stay effective in widening my awareness and bringing clarity to new situations.”

Brett Sun, Investor @ Cherry VC, ex-CTO @ Aragon One

“Before coaching, I was unproductive and feeling stuck, and after coaching I was able to pinpoint what was holding me back and unlock it. Coaching is a mental health tool, like any other, with a purpose and objectives that have to serve you as an individual, in both your personal and professional lives.

Monica helped me unlock my full potential and effectiveness by serving as a medium of the coaching process and guiding me through the steps necessary to complete my coaching with satisfying results.”

Luis Ramon C. de Leon, Co-founder & CTO @ Pocket Network

“Coaching helps you build a complete picture of your personal and professional life. It's like a personal audit where you discover the real causes of the problems and potential solutions. Coaching is probably the action with most mid-term ROI for the organizations and yourself being an executive.

With Monica, I discovered lots of hidden patterns that kept me from my optimal professional balance. When we solved them, I felt liberated from a personal point of view, and the career growth I've experienced has been spectacular.”

Daniel Seijo, Founder & Investor


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